Ideal in either Retail or Hospitality, the whole concept of a Loyalty Program is just to do exactly that, keep your customers loyal to you, as well as create new ones. Market research consistently says that retaining customers is easier than getting new ones, so you need to appeal to all types of customers. This is where our software comes in.

Loyalty Systems

Either initially or after the Point Of Sale Terminal has been installed, we are able to offer the connection to be Single Site or Centrally Hosted, so that customers can use the card at multiple locations.

The system is completely flexible allowing you to configure the software so that the loyalty suits you and your customer.

Each of our customers have slightly different solutions, with some rewarding loyalty by giving different prices to members, whilst others may reward people who actually spend more. That can be done again in several ways, for example by earning points or a monetary value which can be redeemed at the till or by sending out vouchers once a certain value has been achieved.

You know what will work for your customers, we are here to help you achieve that.

Main Features

  • Easy To Use

  • Either Single Site Or Centrally Hosted to allow card to be used at any location

  • Different Price & Points Structures for different types of customer, for example Gold, Silver & Bronze or Member and Non Member

  • Customer Tracking down to product purchased level

  • Flexible Points or Monetary Value Earning and Redemption all done through the EPOS Terminal

  • Comprehensive Reporting on Customers

  • Ability to contact all or selected customers via email - Target Marketing

Loyalty Types

Sharp EPOS
Samtouch Loyalty